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About the Author/Artist

As a former elementary school teacher, I used the Arts as a tool to encourage my students to express themselves creatively through the power of word and drawing. Recently retired, I continue to use the Arts as a means of personal expression and growth. I love how it allows me to tap into my creative side and turn my musing into meaningful works of art.

My husband and I both share in the love of the Arts. Living near Port Perry, Ontario, we are fortunate to be able to enjoy the forest in our backyard, We enjoy creating original products that utilize the nature around us. There is a connection and appreciation for nature when you bring the outdoors inside.

Nature is not the only means of inspiration for me. I love to travel. It provides me with great settings and interesting characters for new books. But most importantly, being immersed in diverse cultures and experiences, replenishes my creativity, and inspires me to create treasured works of art.

Let the love of the Arts inspire you.

Robin M Van Der Vleuten

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